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Framing Your Old Scarves

One of the most important steps in our wardrobe organizing process happens to be the closet conclusion. During this last step, we assist our client on placement for their unwanted items. Some are best discarded, some are slightly pre-loved and can be sold or donated, and others can be put to unconventional use. Seasonal items tend to fall into one of those categories. Those items that were bought for a tropical vacation, a fun statement piece that was for that one night only, etc. In particular, those dainty, printed scarves that're probably too rare or far too beautiful to get rid of.

When curating our clients' closets, we love finding ways to make the space like a gallery of some sort, giving their most glamorous and sentimental pieces its own spotlight in and out of the closet. Sometimes that item you may never wear again still belongs in your mini museum (or even the archive we can establish), it's just all about finding the right place to stage it.

One of our best kept practices is framing old scarves. Your old Hermes scarf that was purchased in Paris holds so much sentimental value from that special trip, even that Dior John Galliano “Miss Diorella” collection printed scarf that's just way too timeless to give up, and so on. Here's your push to make the best out of your great pieces and not let them fall to the bedside, literally.


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