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Organizing by Color


Organizing your closet can be made simple when there's a system in place. One of the most efficient systems happens to be color coordinating. Organizing by color enhances the visual standard of a closet. It keeps things easy to find and put a way, and designated for a particular space. Follow along as we introduce three benefits of organizing your closet by color.

Aesthetically Pleasing

One of the most obvious benefits of organizing your closet by color is that it presents an extremely neat and aesthetically pleasing view upon entering your closet. A beautiful visual calms the mind and makes navigating your closet feel like a boutique experience.

Easy To Navigate

When your closet is organized by color all of your items have a place, making easier to find things. Organizing by color will decrease the hassle of putting things away post shopping and even making it easier to put together daily ensembles. Finding your purple sweater in the orange pile will no longer be a thing, as everything has its own space.


Helpful Shopping Aid

Adding items to your wardrobe should be a grand ceremony. Not only will staging be made easy when bringing things back home, but having all of your clothing and shoes organized by color will give you a better idea of what you're missing and what you may have just enough of.

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