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Organizing Your Coat Closet

There are many reasons why prioritizing your coat closet this season is an essential task. First and foremost, accessibility; making sure that your coats are easy to get to and handy when needed happens to be very necessary in most states. Further, we need the space! Most primary closets are suitable for light jackets only, without the look of things being crammed and unseen. Having a closet designated for your heavier coats can make all the difference. Lastly, keeping things organized. If all of your coats don't fit in your primary closet, none of them should. An imperative key for organizing is keeping like-items in one place.

Here are some tips for organizing your coat closet

1. Install a Custom Wardrobe System

Getting a custom installation for your coat closet can give it a more luxurious feel. Whether that is replacing your wire shelving with metal rods or completely redesigning to enhance its functionality and look, a little upgrading goes a long way. This can also help with maximizing your space. Adding shelving for snow and rain boots - and other seasonal accessories can be beneficial in the long-run.

2. Updating Your Coat Hangers

Investing in solid wooden hangers will keep your coats from slipping and add a more cohesive look to your closet. Cedar wood hangers, specifically, are made for larger items that need more stability when hanging.

3. Add Lighting

Adding light to your coat closet can visually expand the space and make it appear larger. This also helps with seeing everything at once (including your black coats stored in the back).

4. Organize by Color

Like any other closet, organizing by color helps with coordination and after use put-back. This system will ensure that everything is neat and looks visually appealing on first glance. Check out our tips for organizing by color

Pro-Tip: Never store your genuine furs in your coat closet. Make sure that your fur storage follow adequate guidelines to ensure their longevity and maintenance.

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