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Spring Organizing : Closet Edition

As Spring time commences, we are feeling more refreshed and so should our closets. In preparation for warmer weather and longer days, it's the perfect time to re-organize your closet space. Make this a day (or two) by yourself or with professionals who can guide you through the process, but get it done! It will make all the difference.


A successful closet cleanup begins with purging. Start by removing all of the items out of your closet and dressers into one central space, as this will give you a full glance of exactly what you have and your closet space at large. Before going through your items, designate three pows for the items you’re going to keep, the items you’re going to donate, and those that’s best discarded.

As you begin trying on your pieces, use your best judgment on what's best kept in your closet space and what can be potentially achieved as well. Those items that hold sentimental value are absolutely welcome to stay, however maybe they’re best kept elsewhere to save space for the items your wear day-to-day.


Add Function

Post purging, you are aware of your inventory and have a great idea of the supplies you need to add faction to your space and care for your items. This is your opportunity to replace your hangers, implement storage solutions, install additional shelving, etc. Adding function to your space will not only make your closet easier to navigate, but it will help the upkeep for the future.



When organizing it's best to categorize by item type, then organize each item type by color. This will add cohesion and visual flow to your space. Items will be exactly where they’re supposed to be at all times. The hassle of picking over your pieces will be completely eliminated.


Now that your space is completely organized, to upkeep your space it is best to set out a day each month to do inventory checks, finger space your hangers, and tidy up your folding piles.

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