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Styling Your Handbag Shelves

One of the biggest dilemmas we work through when organizing our clients' closets happens to be how to style their handbag shelves, while keeping the area glamorous and space efficient.

In most cases, our solutions lie within our supplies.

The consultation stage is sort of a pre audit (right before we declutter). We like to find what tools can be put to use to enhance the beauty and lifespan of their handbags. Starting with shelving space, rather than an accessory, shelving is a necessity. Following the mapping out of shelving space, we find the best solution in accessories to enhance the space of the shelf and neatly curate their bags.

When curating we use handbag accessories to follow the elements and principles of design; space and variety being our number one priority.

One may wonder what variety has to do with organizing a closet.

Well, that is where accessorizing the space comes into place. Handbag stands, pedestals, and even books are great accessories to add variety and balance on a shelf. Something we like to call the “up-down” method.

Variety can also be essential with the categorizing of your handbags. We aim to have a mixture of smaller bags with bags that happen to be bigger in size. Again, it’s all about balance and variety.

Color is another element of design that’s immensely important when styling a shelf. Yes, we’re keen on color coordinating by color, such as browns with browns and so on.

However, this element also works for creating a color story. For an example, shelving your leopard-print So Kate pumps, with your brown medium classic flap Chanel. This method also adds character, giving that one shelf its own persona. Lastly, those small little landmarks. These accessories can include a floral arrangement, a collection of books, and even an oil diffuser.

Let’s just say, there’s a lot of components that go into organizing.


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