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Tips on Storing Your Timepiece

As most luxury watches are designed to last generations, there is a significant chance of causing damage if they lack proper storage. When visiting a luxury watch retailer, at first glance the staging seems placed for display purposes only, however there's total rhyme for reason. Preservation is a huge component for the reasons behind how most timepieces are stored and displayed. Not only are most displays aesthetically pleasing, but also well kept. Here are some tips you can implement in your home when storing you timepieces to maintain their integrity.

Store them face up

Storing your watches face down increases the chances of scratching the glass or bezel. Setting your watch down too hard, in a downward position can also cause a potential crack. Remember to always leave your watches facing upward.

Pro Tip: Allowing your watch to be positioned on 10:10 creates a visible symmetry and orderliness.

Store your paperwork in a safe

Storing your certification paperwork in a safe is essential for security. If you're looking to insure, sell, and/or repair your watch with its original dealer, your original receipt, Certificate of Authenticity, and warranty information will likely be needed. Not only should tangible documents be kept, but there are ways to save them digitally through a hard drive device and/or cloud.

Pro Tip: Keep one binder for all of your paperwork to be stored in one place

When away, use a safe

If you are an owner of multiple luxury watches, you should invest in a safe for them as well, even if you plan to keep them all on display. When you're away for travel, have guest over, or even have contractors over for repairs, your watches are best kept in a safe compartment. There are many options for safes. There's the more obvious safe boxes that include bolted door handles and there are some that are completely hidden. There are also many places for safes to be placed, however your closet and/or bedroom may not be the best option as those are hot spots for thieves. Most watches should be stored in a temperature controlled area. So, when shopping for a safe compartment for your watches, be sure that you can control the temperature to prevent moisture from getting inside your watch.

Pro Tip: Invest in a watch case to keep inside your safe that includes watch beds and band cushions.

Clean your watch regularly

It is very important to clean your watches before storing them. Humidity, dust, and dirt affect the outside look and can cause internal technical issues. It is best to practice to clean your watch immediately after wearing it. You can use a clean microfiber cloth with warm water. A toothbrush also helps you to reach the difficult spots. Bathing the watch regularly will make it look like new. Humidity and dust can play havoc with the finely tuned mechanisms of a watch. So, too, can skin oil and other oil-based products like lotions. That’s why you’ll want to clean your watch each time you take it off. If you keep your cleaning supplies near your watch safe and/or display case, cleaning your watches will soon become second nature.

Pro Tip: use a microfiber glass wipe to polish crystals and avoid getting water on a leather strap.

Store in cases made for watches

When investing in luxury timepieces, also be sure to invest in its care and maintenance. It is highly recommended to store your watches in a watch case that includes a watch bed and band cushions, rather than a flat surface. If you're without a watch case, its original box will do. Any good quality box will have the watches separated by dividers and secured around a little pillow so that they don't move around and the scratching of hardware is avoided. When traveling it is especially important to store your watches in a compact sized watch case, as you want to ensure that they are safe from the aggressive jostling in your luggage. Not only does watch cases keep your watches well kept, they also enhance the presentation.

Pro tip:Never place your watch display in direct sunlight.

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