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Vanity Trays

Vanity trays are the perfect way to accessorize your closet space. Not only can they function as a decorative object, but are great way to organize and display your fragrance, jewelry and other dainty pieces. Giving such items a place of their own can avoid clutter and is also a great grab and go method.

For Your Fragrance

During consultations we always suggest our client designate a space for their fragrance. If not all, we love to showcase their most glamorous spray bottles, while making them visible and easy to grab.


For Your Jewelry

Vanity trays can also function as a great keepsake for your everyday jewelry and watches. It's a great way to keep your most used pieces near and ready to grab when building your ensembles.


For Styling Your Shelves

Vanity trays are great for creating a color story when styling your handbag shelves. Not only are they a great filler item, but they're also a super chic piece for accessorizing and enhancing your shelves.


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