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Luxury Closet Curators

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Luxury is Merely A Lifestyle

 Led by trust and complete competence of luxury brands, their materials, care, and handling, at  Lot 19 we are dedicated to our clients needs and the unique desires for their space.

Our mission is to help declutter, organize, and create spaces that are not only visually appealing, but functional as well. Using our four step process in a diligent manner, we aim to curate the ideal wardrobe case by case.

While our foundation is built upon the belief that luxury is merely a lifestyle and as we strive to provide spectacular experiences and outcomes for our clients, we also aim to support sustainable causes and charity within our communities.


Declutter  .  Categorize  .  Color Code



Experience You Can Trust

Wardrobe Declutter and Staging 

Wardrobe Unpacking and Staging

Closet Rennovation

Luxury Consignment and Third Party Selling

Lot 19 offers bespoke services to enhance your closet experience with functional solutions and aesthetically pleasing visuals.


"After getting my custom closet installed, I hired these ladies to unpack and organize my closet. They were so detailed oriented, punctual, and gave my closet the luxury boutique look I was going for. All of my bags were neatly stuffed and

placed so elegantly. I will definitely be using them for future maintenance.

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