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Luxury Consignment and Third Party Selling
Wardrobe Declutter and Staging

This service includes a in person consultation to evaluate your closet space and establish a general plan.


A wardrobe edit will follow to declutter and make space. Unwanted items will be  discarded, donated, or sold.


Lastly, items will be organized and staged to best fit your closet space. 

Wardrobe Unpacking and Staging

Whether you’ve just reached your destination back home from a temporary stay or just unloaded your boxes to a new place. This service entails a detailed layout and curation of your clothing, shoes, accessories, and additional closet decor.

This service includes a detailed floor plan design, custom wardrobe system installation, and wardrobe staging. From reference boards all the way to the final finishes, we partner with qualified professionals to bring your dream closet to life!

Luxury Consignment and Third Party Selling

Consign your luxury shoes, handbags, jewelry, and travel bags through our network of resellers and buyers. 


Our third party selling option includes a profile set up and management to sell your unwanted clothing via Poshmark. Other platforms can be used upon request. 

Wardrobe Rennovation

Our closet solutions are tailored to each client unique needs. Prices may vary per service and will be established during our free consultation.

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