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Tyana Deloras and Zoe Ried

Making Your Vision a Reality

Recent Michigan State University Alumni, Tyana and Zoe founded Lot 19 Luxury Consulting in 2019 during their junior year of undergrad.

Now spanning across Metro Detroit and  Metro Atlanta areas,  their mission is to use their resources and skills to promote luxurious living through the care of goods and organization.  

Tyana and Zoe always shared a passion for beauty and ease within life. Refining and adding efficiency to one closet at a time is their goal.

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Darbee Pass

Metro Detroit

Lead Organizers

Hidden Gems: Meet Zoë Ried and Tyana Deloras of Lot 19 Luxury Consulting


"To us, maintenance is about innovation and being creative with our client’s spaces. And finding the best possible solutions for each unique case. A part of our job is being problem solvers and making it look glamours. We are more than just ‘organizers.’ We prioritize opulent experiences to enrich lives."

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Can You Organize Your Own Closet? Interview With The Owners Of Lot 19 Luxury Consulting 

Women On Topp

"Our brand is centered around luxury. Not brand names or anything superficial. To live in luxury is to acquire a state of comfort. Having an organized space has been proven to physiologically ease the mind. Organizing can start as an external task, but it goes far beyond that. 

Our goal is to enrich the lives of our clients by giving them that comfort they probably didn’t know could be achieved by the organization."

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