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Closet Essentials From Amazon

There are many things needed for an easy to navigate, cohesive, and space efficient closet. However, luxury lies in the details. It's those small enhancements that has a lasting effect on the organization in your wardrobe. This list is composed for those looking to maximize space and get the best out of their wardrobe.

These hooks are perfect for hanging scarves. The stainless steel finish can elevate any modern, minimalistic aesthetic. They can be easily mounted with command strips.

It is important to choose quality hangers when shopping for your closet. Wood hangers are much more sturdy and won't bend, keeping your garments in tact. Wooden hangers are also more versatile, unlike other materials wood can hold heavier garments, such as winter coats. They are less likely to break, making them more valuable than others.

Keeping your foldable clothing neat and organized can become an ongoing chore. Using drawer dividers and help keep everything in place and maximize space.

Elevate your perfume display with this gloss white tray. The gloss white gives the tray a luxurious finish and compliments just about every perfume bottle. Acrylic trays and stands tend to stain overtime due to lighting.

Motion Censored Wireless Lights

To avoid bad lighting in your closet, these wireless lights are a true investment. They can be placed just about anywhere, ideally above your shoes and handbags on shelving.

Floating shelves are perfect for use when you need more shelving, but don't have room for an entire wardrobe case. These shelves are made in a variety of sizes, accommodating just about anything (handbags, shoes, etc.). They can also be placed high or low in your closet, with command strips, making them easy maintenance.

Gloss White Mini Display Blocks

Mini blocks can be used to display and add height to your favorite bags. They looks so chic on shelving, adding a juxtaposition to your handbag arrangement.

Stainless Steel Handbag Hooks

Handbag hooks are another great way to display your bags in your closet. These hooks have adjustable heights and are sturdy. They are also good for keeping your handbags up-right and in exceptional condition. Mini bags can be layered on these hooks to save space!

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