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Light Fixtures

When staging your perfect wardrobe, your lighting fixture should be at the very top of things to consider. Whether it's your accent lighting or statement lighting that's front and center, the lighting in your closet matters. When picking out a light fixture, there are few components that can have a huge impact; the placement, size, and style.

The Placement

For placement, we aim for symmetry within the closet space. When choosing the perfect space, the center of the closet is designated to make sure the light is evenly disturbed and that there is a visual balance. Your light fixture is typically at a stationed point, above an island top, a bench, etc.

The Size

The size of your light fixture should be proportional to your closet space. This will not only contribute to the symmetry of your space, but add to the focal point aspect of your fixture. Like any other design, your closet should tell a story and your light fixture should transition from one point to another

The Style

Now onto the fun stuff, the style! There are so many different styles of light fixtures to compliment a closet space. When dressing up a closet, your light fixture will be your statement piece, the element that's totally cutting edge and daring to the story you're trying to tell. Is your fixture ultra glam or bohemian chic? Are we going for something timeless and classic or something completely modern and sleek?


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