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Four Ways to Elevate Your Closet

Next to diamonds, closets are like a lady's best friend. There are many ways to elevate your closet space, to keep it organized and glamorous, with little to no cost. Like most other rooms in your home, the presentation tends to dictate how much time you spend in those rooms. The less cluttered, the easier to navigate, the brighter the closet, the better to visualize exactly what you need in and out.

Here are some of our best tips for a simple elevation in your closet space.

  1. Good Lighting

For most, lighting in a closet is easily forgettable. It happens to be one of those features that you live with day-by-day and hardly notice until you implement new lighting. The better the lighting, the easier it will be to get dressed and put away clothing in your wardrobe. There are lights for every compartment in your closet, even your closet cabinets. There are plenty of ways to upgrade the lighting in your closet and our first suggestion will be to invest in battery operated LED lighting. Not only will they brighten the space, they can be turned on and off with the push of a button.

2. Put Your Clothing Back

When it comes to living day-by-by, putting your clothing back in its designated space happens to be so much more easier said than done. Having a color and/or category system can make this task so much easier to know where everything goes. This will save you the hefty task of putting tons away during the end of the week, while keeping your wardrobe neat 24/7.

3. Uniform Hangers

Having a consistent set of hangers will elevate the appearance of your wardrobe. There are many hanger options to accommodate your space and clothing items. Do your research, try them out and see which hanger type best fit your desired look. Having several different hanger types in one closet can easily cause the area to look messy and unappealing.

Pro-tip: Always discard your dry-cleaners hangers.

4. Hire a Professional Organizer

Whether you're just moving in or your wardrobe has reached a point of disarray, hiring a professional organizer can help clarify your closet goals, assist with decluttering your unwanted items, and implementing an organizing system to your space. This will give you a great start to maintaining your elevated closet space.


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